CanMake Colorful Nails - 06 Natural Plum - $9.50

With the crystal-shaped bottles and the colorful range of shades, you'll want to collect all of them! Uses a long-lasting base formulation that has superb shine and is easy to apply.
The long-awaited new range of nail colors from Canmake!

The crystal-shaped bottles and caps make them look just like brightly colored jewels!

A range of colors that you can enjoy choosing from, just as you choose which clothes to wear.

Long-lasting, quick-drying, with fantastic shine! Creates a finish that looks beautiful whenever you gaze at it. Also resistant to wearing off, so the glossy, wet look lasts and lasts for a long time.

We've also put a lot of effort into improving the brush. At 2mm longer than conventional nail polish applicators, the brush makes it even easier to paint your nails.
[06] Natural Plum. A glamorous deep purple. Use as an accent color when you want to look sweet.
(*Description provided by CanMake)
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