Canmake Color Wishes Eyeshadow - Sapphire Blue - $8.90

You'll want every single shade!!! Use the shade (feeling) that matches yourself at that precise moment. An eyeshadow that fulfills all your wishes for both color and shine has arrived. The compact case is just like a jewel.

The colorful shades go on the same color as you see in the case. The startlingly vibrant shades will define your lids beautifully. Contains masses of high-luminance fine pearl particles. Depending on the way in which the light hits them, their burnished sparkle will give your lids greater definition. The soft, moist powder clings to your lids, giving long-lasting color that will not smudge. Apply with your finger to make the powder cling to your lids and give a silky shine. Apply with a brush for softly colored eyelids. Apply several layers for increasingly deeply shaded lids.

Formulation that is gentle on your skin
Contains squalene to keep your skin moist. (provided by Canmake)

Color Available: Canmake Color Wishes Eyeshadow in Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue (Promised Luck, 04) A refreshingly cool blue. For eyes that can see the truth! Sapphire Blue will strengthen your romantic commitments and foster love. Pray for good luck.

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