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  5. Moisturising Oil

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Payment and Shipping

Payment Options

Currently, we accept PayPal payments from both domestic (U.S.) and international (non-U.S.) customers.



Barring holidays and any unforeseen circumstances, all orders are shipped out on Mondays and Thursdays. All of our packages are shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS). This courier allows us to ship your packages simply and at a reasonable price for you. We offer various methods of shipment for our customers that is based on final weight of their selected items. The below transit time estimates exclude holidays and weekends.


Shipping Methods and Estimates

The following are shipping methods and their estimated transit times. The estimated transit times are just that, estimates. Once your package enters USPS possession for shipment, we no longer have control over it. While we are sorry for any delays your package may face in shipment, we cannot escort your package during the process or force it to be delivered quicker. The most we can do is use your package's tracking number on and work with USPS to find out the cause of the delay and when you can expect your package.


Domestic (United States) Shipping Methods

  • Priority Mail Shipping - Transit time is 2-3 days (maximum weight is 70 lbs)
  • First Class Mail - Transit time is 1-3 days (maximum weight is 13 ounces)

International (Outside of the U.S.) Shipping Methods

  • Priority Mail International - Transit time is 6-10 days (maximum weight is 20 lbs)
  • First Class - Transit time varies (maximum weight is 4 lbs)


Extenuating Circumstances

While we strive to ensure your package reaches you in the allotted time estimated, it should be understood that once the package leaves our possession for U.S. postal system (USPS) shipment we have no control over the transit time. While delays within the USPS do happen occasionally, it is out of our control and can be the result of, but not limited to: poor weather conditions, increased mail volume, security screenings, or slow processing.

In these circumstances, packages shipped to addresses within the continental United States can be delayed up to 2 weeks past the estimated transit time. Packages shipped to international addresses and addresses outside of the continental United States can be delayed up to 3 weeks past estimated transit time.


Tracking Numbers

All packages sent domestically receive a tracking number. If you have not been notified of you package's tracking number, please contact us with your name and order number. If you have received a tracking number, but still have not received your package, use you package's tracking number to view shipping progress at the following link: Track & Confirm. We do not offer tracking number to international packages because these packages can only be tracked up until they leave the U.S. territory (i.e., until they leave USPS possession). If your package is not delivered to you in the estimated amount of time given, please let us know.

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