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Sibling to our ever popular Moisturizing Oil, this body butter delivers a moisturizing punch. This butter is an all around treat for your skin. It acts to relieve many common skin ailments while moisturizing and softening you precious skin, giving it a beautiful natural glow. To use, apply this body butter after showering, bathing, or before sleeping. This non-greasy butter goes on smooth and absorbs quickly leaving only a cool feeling and soft beautiful skin.


Special Ingredients:

*Shea Nut:

  • Aids in relieving eczema, burns, dry skin, and evening skin skin tone.
  • Improves the natural luster to skin and hair, promotes aair growth, moisturizes and conditions dry damaged hair, protects weak hair.


*Kokum Butter:

  • Helps to regenerate skin cells and supports elasticity and general flexibility


*Almond Oil:

  • Great emollient for softening & conditioning skin and hair
  • Great eczema, psoriasis, and itchy, dry, inflamed skin
  • Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, and E

*Aloe Vera:

  • Helps to moisturize and soften skin
  • Soothes skin irritated by burns, cuts, and insect bites



  • Tones muscles and wards off wrinkles
  • Beneficial for those with dull complexions, mature skin, or oily skin



  • Delays the effects of skin aging and assists with cell regeneration
  • Promotes an increase in collagen & elastin levels resulting in firmer, smoother, and more youthful skin
  • Aids in fading stretch marks, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation, burns, and age spots.

Size: 8oz


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  • Manufactured by: Royal Quartz

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