Canmake Lip Top Coat - Shiny Pink - $12.00

Diamond-grade glitter lip gloss. Your lips will look vinyl-wrapped with maximum glitter. For a look that is different from the lipsticks you have now. Play up lips that won't be overshadowed by eye makeup - lips that attract attention

Dewy lips that look vinyl-coated

  • Reflects light off the surface of your lips, for a moist, wet glitter.

  • Use on bare lips for a natural glitter, or over lipstick for a glistening that is extraordinary.

Easy-to-use brush type

  • Holds a full amount of liquid on a supple nylon brush, for easy application, easy pouty fullness to your lips.

With treatment ingredients that are gentle on your lips

  • Aloe extract (moisturizing ingredient)

  • Jojoba oil (emollient ingredient)

(provided by Canmake)

Color Available: Shiny Pink (02) Cute Pop Pink. Crystal pearl gives a glancing glitter, for lips with a new nuance.

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  • Manufactured by: CanMake

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