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Model Mika's Beauty Guide - $19.90

About this book:

Item: Model Mika's Beauty Guide (モデル★美香の美人ガイド)

Issue: Volume 1

Published: 2006

Pages: 128

Condition: Excellent - Brand New


[Contents information] (From the "BOOK" database) This is the culmination of efforts for "beautiful" authors repeated over the last seven years to continue to be a professional model. Commenting on how I like to use and how it feels to all products and shops, I stick to putting in contact properly so that those who are interested can actually move .

[Table of Contents] (From the "BOOK" database)

  • 1 Mika's Beauty Works (ESSAY "Beauty and the Health" and "Beauty is Damn!" / Skin Care is a Thought) /
  • 2 Mika's Healthy Life (ESSAY Even if you eat delicious food, you do not get fat, you can be beautiful! That secret / you can drink plenty of water ... Not that it is not the same) /
  • 3 Mika's recommendation · Spot (ESSAY It is beautiful to appear at every spot " / The spa is a woman's wonderland!) /
  • 4 Mika's fashion · theory (ESSAY feeling of fashion is the motive force of "beautiful" / jeans, the size is life!)

[Author information] (From "BOOK" database) Mika (Micah) was born on September 9th. I am from Hokkaido. In each female fashion magazine, CM, talk show etc such as oggi (Shogakkan) / MISS (World Culture) / Beautiful hundred flowers (Haruki Kadogawa office) / sweet (Treasure Island) / MAQUIA (Shueisha) / ar Success. Publication debut at "Model ★ Mika's Beautiful Guide" (This data was published at the time the book was published)

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  • Manufactured by: Wani Books Co., Ltd.

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