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Dark Teal Macaroons - $3.00

This listing is for a collection of sixteen miniature, dark teal blue macaroons. Included in this collection are two macaroon designs (circular and heart shaped) that come in four sizes. This collection contains one set of each size

These can be used to decorate almost anything you can think of: Nails, cellphones, notebooks, jewelry, etc.

Color: Teal/MediumBlue (has a slightly iridescent shimmer)
Material: Acrylic and mica
Size (width): Circular- large (1.1 cm), medium (0.8 cm), small (0.6 cm), extra small (0.5 cm).
Heart- large (1.2 cm), medium (0.95 cm), small (0.7 cm), extra small (0.65 cm).

You can find the 3D craft mold for these macaroons at the following link: Macaroon 3D Craft Mold

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