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Title: Love Myself Rinka (Love myself 梨花)
Published: 2009
Author: Rinka

Pages: 130

Condition: Excellent

[Contents information] (From "BOOK" database) I will show you all the secrets of beautiful & fashionable Rinka .

[Table of Contents] (From "BOOK" database)

  • 01 Bath Room /
  • 02 Bed Room /
  • 03 Living /
  • 04 Kitchen /
  • 05 Closet /
  • 06 Balcony

[Author information] (From "BOOK" database) Rinka Born in Tokyo on May 21, 1973. Since debuting in 1992, she continues to appear in many magazines and advertisements, and she is still active as a top model. She also has overwhelming influence as a fashion icon, and items that I introduced in his blog "Rinka's Happylife" quickly disappear from the shop, leaving a number of sold legends. In addition, in recent years as a maker of fashion, such as collaboration with jewelry designs and apparel brands, it is also a drawer (this data was published at the time the book was published)


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  • Condition: New
  • ISBN: 9784796669955

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